I have been using a chemical based skin care line. How long will it take for my skin to adjust to an all natural skin care line?

It all depends on your skin. It can be a little bit of an adjustment for your skin going from using chemicals to an all natural skin care line, but generally, our guests have seen great results very quickly!  

Will I experience any break outs when using Sageborn?

We have seen little to no break outs when using Sageborn. Generally, a break out happens when the skin is detoxing from using a chemical based line to an all natural based line. 

How much product do I need to use for the products to be effective?

The best thing about using Sageborn products is that you really do not need to use a lot of product to get great results! Less is more with our products since they are very concentrated with pure ingredients.

Am I able to mix the products together?

Yes! We strongly recommend mixing products together! Especially our facial cleansers for the ultimate deep cleanse.