A Simple Connection to Nature

Sageborn™ skin care, body care and candles are proudly handcrafted in beautiful Montana using 100% natural, organic ingredients including many which are sourced from small farms across Montana and the Northwest United States. Our products celebrate Montana's calming simplicity and rejuvenating connection to nature. We believe in the healing power of plants and flowers. Essential oil based, our products provide healing benefits for the skin as well as the mind. Our products are certified "cruelty free" by PETA. Sageborn emerged from the spa environment, working directly with skin care therapists to develop the best products for the skin.

The Farm to Skin Movement

Sageborn products utilize local, regional and indigenous ingredients whenever possible. Many of these ingredients are sourced directly from small farms across Montana and the Northwest United States. Much like the "Farm to Market" and "Locavore" food movements, we envision a movement in skin care products that focuses on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. We believe what you put on your skin and what you put in your body should live up to the same standards and ideals.

About the Founder

A native Montanan, Stephanie Bigart spent her early years exploring the vast and beautiful Beartooth mountains with her father. It was through this childhood exposure that she gained a deep respect and appreciation for the beauty and unique qualities of Montana. This passion for nature and living an organic, simple life has carried over into her personal life and is reflected in all Sageborn products. Stephanie's background as an organic esthetician and curated buyer/owner of Sage Spa Living, (day spa and retail boutique she owns in Bozeman, Montana) has allowed her the ability to pursue her true passion of making people feel great from the inside out. Through in-house spa experiences at her spa in Bozeman, Montana, she was exposed to daily feedback from Sage guests and team members alike. The constant interactions and hands on experience made obvious the need for a products that were more in line with the company values. As Stephanie and her team began to custom mix product to make up for backorders and product delay, the need for Sage aligned products became even more pronounced. Sageborn was created as the perfect compliment to Sage Spa experiences and the larger values of the company as a whole. From the back room at Sage to the front retail shelves was a long and involved process. Stephanie was hands on at every stage of the development process to ensure that the product line represented the values embodied at Sage. In addition to meeting the needs of spa guests and team members, the product line needed to fit within the larger values of the company. It needed to support the local community and provide guests with the best experience possible. In order to adhere to these values, Sageborn was created 100% natural, organic, and handmade in Montana. “Sageborn enhances the Sage experience in that it continues to help our communities that we do business in, which in turn, helps the entire State of Montana. Each guest that comes into Sage experiences Sageborn in every experience. From the moment a guest walks into our door, the essences of Sageborn embrace each and every guest.” - Stephanie Bigart, Founder Sageborn