Naturally Powerful

SAGEBORN® was created to help people achieve naturally vibrant skin with no chemicals, parabens, fillers or compromises. Our products are plant and flower based, 100% organic and handcrafted at the base of the Bridger Mountains in Bozeman, Montana (pictured above). 

In 2014 our Founder, Stephanie Bigart, set out to prove the healing power of nature for skin care. Her years of experiences as an at-home skin care product maker, esthetician, yoga instructor and day spa owner showed evidence that she could achieve as good - or better - results using unique blends of high quality, naturally powerful ingredients coupled with daily lifestyle practices (now called the Sageborn RITUAL) as she could using harsh chemicals, acids, antibiotics, retinol and abrasion routines.

By creating result-specific blends of naturally powerful ingredients she was able to achieve the results promised by the skin care industry - anti-aging, complexion brightening, skin smoothing, non-oily hydration & blemish prevention and healing - with no chemicals, fillers, parabens or compromises for herself and her customers.  And she could do it, using only a handful of ingredients for each product - all of which are familiar - and most of which you could even eat.

The idea seemed so simple that she began searching for a “natural” skin care line that shared this philosophy to use for herself and to recommend whole-heartedly to her guests. Every skin care line marketed as natural - or even organic or vegan - had unpronounceable ingredients and fillers that had nothing to do with achieving healthy skin and everything to do with manufacturing a more profitable product.

So, she began turning her early formulations into products to be used at her day spa and for her guests to use at home. She also started identifying the specific daily practices that promote skin health so she could teach and inspire people to make simple decisions throughout the day that contribute to vibrant skin (and conveniently given our skin is our largest organ, a vibrant life).

And, Sageborn was born.    

We believe that anyone can achieve naturally vibrant skin and you can do it without chemicals or compromises. We are excited to be your partner on the journey.  

About our Founder

A native Montanan, Stephanie Bigart spent her early years exploring the vast and beautiful Beartooth Mountains with her family. It was through this childhood exposure that she gained a deep respect and appreciation for the beauty and unique qualities of Montana. This passion for nature and living an organic, simple life has carried over to her personal life and is reflected in Sageborn's pure, simple, healing, indigenous ingredients. Over the years, that appreciation deepened as she began learning more about the power nature has to help people emotionally, spiritually and physically. Sageborn was born on this foundation.

Along with Stephanie’s love for the Montana wilderness, she was also intrigued by creating natural skin and hair care products by experimenting with different ingredients. As a small child, she remembers applying egg whites to her face and wrapping her hair in a thick layer of avocado.

When she is not mixing and creating Sageborn products, she spends her time as a holistic wellness coach, trail running, doing yoga, hitting the slopes, or spending time with her family.