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Kelly Krenzel joins Stephanie today to discuss her repurposed flower project and the simple art of spreading kindness & joy.

"When people are in a really tender spot in their lives, the smallest thing can mean so much. For an everyday you and me...when we are going through an extraordinarily difficult time, just a handwritten card or somebody opening the door for us can make us feel that we are seen and that we are loved." - Kelly Krenzel

About Kelly

Kelly Krenzel is the founder of Hope Blooms, a budding non-profit that recycles flowers to spread hope, happiness and emotional healing to those facing difficult times. She also works in marketing for a hospice organization, spreading the mission and sharing the stories of those who experience it firsthand. Kelly started Hope Blooms in 2016 inspired by her Grandma Freda, a bit of a green thumb and her compassion for others. The organization is nearly 100% volunteer run with volunteers spending more than 3,000 hours creating more than 20,000 bouquets since its inception. Kelly grew up in Bismarck, N.D., and resides in Fargo where she met her husband, Scotty, at a local pizzeria. The two have been embarking on new adventures ever since — most significantly with their sons, Henry (5) and Finnegan (2). In her spare time, Kelly loves being with family and friends and soaking up the small, beautiful moments she experiences by bringing joy to others.

Follow Kelly & Hope Blooms @hopebloomsnd

And, check out her TEDx Talk below:


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