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Bailey Evans joins Stephanie today to discuss the ways yoga has impacted her life and how doing more yoga is a good thing. 

"I started doing yoga before I had a back surgery under the advisement of my spinal surgeon...which was incredible because this was 12 years was a thing but not so mainstream that you would expect a recommendation from a surgeon that said you need to get really strong and you also need to do a lot of yoga. So, he gifted me this. Honestly. So after back surgery yoga was really the only thing that helped me manage my pain. It's been a big part of my life ever since." - Bailey Evans

About Bailey

Bailey is a pun loving snack-a-holic athlete. She adores her dog Stella (who you can frequently find at the studio), all things outdoors, Mint Milanos, but she especially loves helping students find the delight in their yoga practice. She began practicing yoga prior to a full thoracic spinal fusion, but stayed with it because she realized it made everything in her life better, including herself.

Bailey has spent the last ten years in pursuit of deepening her knowledge of all things yoga through studying with numerous teachers. She has since become a master teacher, having studied over five thousand hours, and taught over thirteen thousand hours. To her, yoga is the foundation for everything. The way you move on the mat is the way you do your job, the way you participate in relationships, the way you move through the world. She opened Ekam Yoga in Bozeman in the hopes to create a studio that would enable her clients to become joyful participants in a life long yoga practice. 

Follow Bailey @snacktillmt & Ekam Yoga @ekamyogamt


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