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Katie Cook-Bretson joins Stephanie to discuss healing with Chinese Herbal Medicine and Somatic Experiencing.

"I got into somatic experiencing really through a blessing. It weaves together perfectly with acupuncture and body work because it helps us learn how to listen to our bodies at that cellular wiring behind the scenes. The idea behind it is that we are working on all of the past tendencies and traumas that we have accumulated through life and the way that each of our nervous systems is wired uniquely. We are becoming astute listeners to our inside world so that we can create change through this awareness." - Katie Cook-Bretson 

About Katie

Katie’s experience has been woven together with 16 years of experience working with all walks of life: athletes, moms-to-be, anyone in big transitions, and those seeking better balance in their health.

Katie has always been inspired by the capacity of the human body. In 2006 she began her career as a massage therapist working closely with athletes at the top of their sport to help them refine their performance, recovery, prevent injuries, and heal gracefully. She worked at Bozeman Health spending time in the cancer center, hospice, post-operative, and obstetrics departments getting to see a wide variety of clients. After working closely with pregnant women and new mothers in their postpartum time, she trained as a Doula. As Katie attuned her skills, she realized there was more depth to health than the physical which led her to her next evolution in healthcare.

In 2016 Katie earned a masters degree from the Academy of 5-Element Acupuncture in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with the desire to practice medicine that looks at the larger picture of what it is to be human, in our own unique balanced health. She studied a classical lineage that looks at the virtue of each individual and supports our potential by not just managing symptoms but going deeper into the balancing all the body’s systems – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Over the years she has studied several modalities of healing including Somatic Experiencing, Structural Integration, movement education, pregnancy massage, labor support, nutrition, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and classical acupuncture modalities. She uniquely blends treatments looking at the larger capacity for health through several lenses blending traditional healing wisdom of the East together with modern medicine of the West.

Katie devoutly continues her education and blending medicine into her own life’s journey. She is currently enrolled in the three-year Somatic Experiencing training with Abi Blakslee, and the two-year clinical immersion courses of Body Work and Somatic Experiencing with Dave Berger and Deepening Perspectives with Lonnie Jarrett.

One integral aspect of health that Katie has always held high in her values is connection in community. She believes we are stronger together in all aspects of our lives. In 2017 she and Dr. Holcomb Johnston joined forces to fulfill the dream of creating an integrative medical practice filled with experienced providers in multiple healing modalities. Through the combination of over 30 years in healthcare, they birthed Enso Natural Medicine with the goal of supporting the Bozeman and surrounding Montana community.

If Katie is not at Enso, you'll likely find her looking through the world from the eyes of her new baby, outside exploring the mountains, in the garden, on her yoga mat, crafting something in the kitchen or spending time with her Bozeman family (friends).


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