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As a Montana native, I spent my childhood exploring the beautiful Beartooth Mountains with my family. This was my first connection with nature and the peace and simplicity it provides. Looking back now, those times were also the roots of Sageborn.

I began my Sageborn journey nearly ten years ago from my kitchen in Bozeman. Like any entrepreneurial experience, a lot has changed along the way, but one idea has stayed the same: I started Sageborn because I wholeheartedly believe that nature has enough to help us achieve vibrant skin. My passion is identifying the bare minimum, highest quality organic ingredients that yield specific skin care results without chemicals, parabens, fillers, or compromises while also educating people on important lifestyle habits (what I call the Sageborn Ritual) that promote overall wellness and skin health.

“Nature having enough” is a powerful concept and I’ve seen the results firsthand during my twenty years as an esthetician helping people solve their skin issues and regain their confidence. By creating result-specific blends of organic, naturally powerful ingredients, I have been able to achieve the promises of the skin care industry: anti-aging, complexion brightening, skin smoothing, non-oily hydration, and blemish prevention and healing. And I could do it using only a handful of ingredients for each product. All of the ingredients were familiar and most of them I could even eat. There was no longer a need for harsh chemicals, acids, antibiotics, retinol, and abrasion routines.

As an example, organic tamanu oil, organic essential oils of tea tree, lavender, and peppermint each have healing and calming properties. Blended together they renew blemished skin without unwanted redness or dryness. They also smell beautiful when combined in the appropriate amounts. These are the only four ingredients in our organic Healing Blemish Treatment because that is all it needs for the desired result, which is non-drying blemish healing to help you go about your daily routine without the need to hide red, dry skin under makeup.

Enoughness is a philosophy we think about a lot at Sageborn. It’s the idea that things can get over-complicated by giving in to the desire to want more, do more, be more. In each step we find ourselves drifting further away from the natural world and from overall well-being and balance. Simplicity is hard work but I believe there is power in it.

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