Creating Your Own Sanctuary

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When you hear the word sanctuary, what comes to mind? It might bring about images of wildlife, possibly a vast array of birds flying overhead or in the distance seen through binoculars, enjoying land they’re encouraged to inhabit, knowing they’re free and protected. Or it might be other forms of wildlife; here in the Rocky Mountains, we might think of bears or bison roaming through endless mountain ranges.

The word sanctuary can be defined in two ways. The first definition is a nature reserve, which is the scene we just mentioned. The second definition is a place one seeks refuge, or more broadly speaking, it can be a place one goes for peaceful tranquility or deep introspection. Sageborn believes there is power in creating a sanctuary just for yourself, somewhere to go that allows you to take a deep breath and just be, protected from outside distractions.

We believe there is power in creating a sanctuary just for yourself, somewhere to go that allows you to take a deep breath and just be, protected from outside distractions.

Creating a personal sanctuary does not require a great deal of space or time. Start by choosing an area of your home that is removed from the distractions of everyday life. If your desk is a place where you pay bills and fret over work deadlines, stay away from that area. Similarly, if the kitchen is typically bustling with family commotion, find a space where that activity isn’t easily heard. The corner of a bedroom often works well, or even your favorite comfortable chair. Then, take a little time to determine what you’d like to get out of your sanctuary. Do you want a space for meditation? Personal reflection or journaling? Or do you want a place to stimulate your creativity and spark passion? Once you know what you want to accomplish in your space, just a few simple steps can turn that corner of your home into an area devoted to nourishing your spirit.


Keep surfaces clear, removing unnecessary distractions. Only bring items into your sanctuary space that will benefit your ritual. If you intend to journal, keep your journal nearby with a surface for writing and your favorite pen. Consider incorporating your favorite books, or meaningful treasures like family photos or items from your travels. But be careful to keep your sanctuary space curated to promote the environment you desire without distracting your mind unnecessarily.

Bring Nature In

Keeping plants (or even dried herbs or sage) in your sanctuary will help brighten the space and connect you to our precious natural world.

Fulfill Your Senses

Incorporate color into your space. Color stimulates emotion, so pay attention to the colors that renew and revive you. Often, pale blues and greens create calm while yellows and oranges can encourage creativity. Bringing color into your sanctuary with intention can help channel your energy in the direction your desire, but you don’t necessarily need to paint every wall. The simple addition of a throw pillow or cozy blanket in your chosen color palette can help stimulate your senses.

Sound can also help solidify the ritual use of a home sanctuary. Create a sanctuary playlist of music that inspires you, or add ambient sound to help center your focus.

Scent is strongly linked to emotion and memory. What better way to create a sanctuary then by adding aromatherapy into your space? There are many aromas to choose from, so again, think about what you’re trying to accomplish through your sanctuary and choose aromatherapy that will help add to that. If your intention for your space is to calm and center your mind, try our Sageborn Soy Candle, with the relaxing scents of lavender, sweet orange, and lemongrass.

Similar to scent, taste also has strong ties to emotion, so choose a tea to enjoy each time you use your sanctuary (our Montana Lavender Tea would be the perfect addition to your routine). After a sanctuary habit is created, the taste of that tea can quickly induce the same calming effects you receive from your personal sanctuary, even if you’re not at home.

Recommended Daily Ritual:

Whether you have an entire room devoted to your sanctuary or a single shelf in your studio apartment, what matters is the ritual of using it. Many find that the benefits of their personal sanctuary come in using it at about the same time each day, creating a rhythm of balance for your body. Above all, remember that the benefits of your sanctuary will be cumulative and cyclical. The more time you give to it, the more it will give back to you.

Calm Your Mind

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  • An essential part of living a wholistic life! Thanks

    Becki Cook on
  • Stephanie,
    Thank you for the informative and thoughtfully written post this week. I am in the midst of carving out a sanctuary space in my home and this post reinforced my effort. I do look forward to your Sageborn Sunday morning posts so please keep them coming.
    With gratitude and wishes for a wonderful 2019.

    Faith Haber Galbraith on

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