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Our ability to smell is one of the most amazing senses we have. Without even knowing it, much of how we experience the world is through our sense of smell. Scent plays a vital role in our memory and has the power to take us back to an endearing childhood moment, remind us of a loved one, or our favorite season of the year. The many ways our sense of smell affects the brain is incredible. One that we would like to bring to light is how using the aromas of certain flowers and herbs can help you sleep better which in turn, benefits our overall well being.

One doesn’t have to look too far to find lavender scented anything. It’s a very popular, versatile oil that’s been around for a long time. The plant lavender is believed to have originated from the Mediterranean area thousands of years ago. Lavender has carried different meanings and has been used for a number of purposes all across the world. It has stuck out not only for its delicate beauty and distinct color, but it’s relaxing and calming aroma as well. Because of these features, lavender has been the most studied oil out there in junction with aiding sleep and is actually considered a natural way to fight insomnia. Breathing it in soothes the body and slows the heart rate which can make one feel “sleepy” and very relaxed. This can help you fall asleep but also sleep better and for longer. 

Sage is another beautiful herb that’s been around for centuries and has been used for spiritual purposes across many different cultures. Not only does eating sage come with many benefits that improve health, but breathing it in does as well. One study done by the University of Mississippi found that smelling sage actually activates certain receptors in the brain linked to raising mood levels and reducing stress. Similarly to lavender, this is important because the body is able to fall asleep quicker when it’s relaxed and calm. 

Here in the West and especially Montana, sage can also provide us with a way of grounding to the nature around us. Scent takes us back to the places they remind us of. Neuroscience has actually found that our sense of smell is more closely linked to memory over any of our other senses. And since the ground beneath us is covered in Sagebrush here in Montana, smelling the plant or the oil can take us right back to the outdoors. A place of rest and connection with nature that is around us. 

At Sageborn, we wanted to create a product that helped provide peace and relaxation through pure aromatherapy. Due to the healing aspects of both lavender and sage, we carefully formulated our High Desert Perfume. This roll on aromatherapy oil is meant to bring peace to the soul through the calming effects it has on the mind and body. The best way to use it is applying the oil straight to pulse points and breathing it in immediately after applying. Part of the beauty of this product is you can use it at any point in the day, wherever you go and due to its size, it is so easy to just throw in your purse or bag.

A ritual we encourage you to do is when you are ready to go to sleep, roll on the High Desert Perfume onto your pulse points and inhale, closing your eyes. Take 5 slow, deep breaths and allow yourself to feel grounded and peaceful. During that time, reflect on your day and think of a few things you were grateful for -- maybe one them is your simply your ability to smell. Put the cap back on your High Desert Perfume and place it next to your bed, using it as a reminder that your sleep is worth protecting. 

Calm Your Mind Protect Your Sleep

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